We are a local, demolition company seeking to assist the residents of the city of New Orleans. Our services include total demolition, debris removal, excavation, and Increased Cost of Compliance (ICC) claims processing.

Homeowners with flood insurance and damage over 50% can utilize the Increased Cost of Compliance process for demolition. It won’t cost the homeowner any money.

The ICC process is very detailed and time consuming which is why we do the leg work. Each ICC claim is assigned a new claims adjuster and claim number. Some insurance companies require pictures of the demolition, copies of property tax assessments, elevation certificates, etc. Each claim is different and we do everything for the client.

We are here to help! We are currently working with hundreds of New Orleans citizens. We are here to participate in the ambitious task of rebuilding our great city. Make one call to us and we will handle the rest. We are more than just a demolition company.

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